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Help: General

You can search for items on the Home Page or browse items by category. To place a bid or sell an item you must register for an account.

Auction- A Traditional Auction listing allows you to sell items to the highest bidder. You specify the start price, and people bid against each other in specified bid increments. Traditional Auctions allow the Seller to set both a Reserve and Buy Now price. When looking at the quantity on a WLB listing, keep in mind that one animal in the picture is equal to a quantity of one and two animals in a listing picture is equal to a quantity of 2. The bid is per each animal in most listings unless the seller explicitly states otherwise. *The bid is multiplied by the number of animals in the listing.


  • One giraffe in a listing has a quantity of 1.
  • Three zebra in a single listing has a Qty of 3 and bid is multiplied by 3. 
  • One PAIR of birds has a quantity of 1 *ONLY IF LISTING SAYS PRICE IS FOR THE PAIR. Otherwise, quantity would be adjusted to two, since there are two animals in listing.

Fixed Price- A Fixed Price listing does not allow bidding. The seller specifies the only acceptable price for the item(s). You can sell one item or multiple identical items with one Fixed price listing. Because there is no bidding on fixed-priced listings, all items are Buy Now.

Classified Ad- Unlike traditional text-only classified ads, our Classified Ads allow image uploads and dynamic communication between the Seller and all potential Buyers. When listing a Classified Ad, you enter your asking price, the shipping cost, and any information about the item or service you are selling. When an arrangement has been reached between the buyer and the seller, the seller can manually end the Classified Ad.

Buy Now- When listing an item, you may have the option of setting a Buy Now price. The Buy Now feature allows instant purchasing.

The Buy Now feature is available for the following listing types:
  • Traditional Auction
  • All Fixed Price listings - The Fixed Price is automatically the Buy Now price.

Reserve- The Reserve price is the absolute minimum dollar amount the Seller will accept for an item. Buyers are notified after placing their bid if a bid is below the Reserve price. If a Buyer's maximum bid is greater than the Reserve price, the Reserve is automatically met and that user is the high bidder. The ability to set a Reserve price is only available to Traditional Auctions.

Searching- There are two ways to search for items, Basic Search and Advanced Search.

Basic Search- Accessible from both the Home Page and Browse.

  • Enter Keywords or Item #

  • Select the appropriate search parameter

    • Title & Description

    • Item #

  • Click "Search" button

Advanced Search- Accessible by clicking the "Advanced Search" button on the Home Page

The following options are available for the Advanced Search:

  • Load Saved Search - Use a previously saved search.

  • Search - Enter Keywords or Item #. To search Title & Descriptions check the appropriate box.

    The following options are available for keyword search:

  • All of these words

  • Any of these words

  • Exactly these words

  • Category - Select a specific item category

  • Refine Your Search - Narrow the search. Reduce the number of search results by setting specific searchable properties.

    • Price Range  

    • Listing type

      • Auction

      • Fixed

      • Classified

    • Listing Status

      • Active

      • Completed

      • Any

  • Listings - How to organize the items your search returns.

    • All

    • Ending within

    • Started in the past

      • 1 Hour

      • 1 Day

  • Listing ID
  • Seller

Press "SEARCH" to activate Advanced Search.

Clear Your Cache On Internet Explorer-  Browsers try to do their part to speed up the loading process. The first time you visit a site, your browser will “save” pieces of the site. Because your browser can display the files stored in its cache much faster than it can pull fresh files from a server, the next time you visit that site, the use of cached files will help cut down page load time.
  • Go to Tools menu and click on the "General" tab located at the top of the window. Click the Delete button under Browsing History.                

  • Check the "Temporary Internet Files", "Cookies", and "History" boxes.                 

  • Click on the Delete button                              

Clear Your Cache On Firefox-  Browsers try to do their part to speed up the loading process. The first time you visit a site, your browser will “save” pieces of the site. Because your browser can display the files stored in its cache much faster than it can pull fresh files from a server, the next time you visit that site, the use of cached files will help cut down page load time.
  • Go to Tools menu and select Options              

  • Select the Advanced Tab                

  • Click on Network tab

  • In the Offline Storage Section, click Clear Now
Help: Menu

Help: Bidding

Snipe Bidding- Snipe bidding is not allowed!!! Snipe bidding is when a bidder tries to put in a bid at the last second to win a listing. If any bidding is being done even at the end of the auction, just like a live auction, bidding will continue until there are no other bids. If a bidder bids within 45 seconds of the listing closing time, the system automatically adds 45 seconds to the clock giving the other bidder a chance to counter bid if they are not using the proxy bidding. This time extension will continue as long as the minimum bid is placed within 45 seconds of the listing closing. PROXY BIDDING is always recommended as the system will handle all your bids for you, in minimal amounts, up to your maximum bid when another user bids against you or has a proxy bid placed as well. All bids placed on this site are considered real and in effect, even if you don't win or are the highest bidder until all items are delivered. The owners of the property sold through this website reserve the right to reject, or accept, any and all bids, if they so choose upon approval from Wildlife Buyer, LLC.

Auction- Bidding on an auction is done in specified increments. The user with the highest successful bid "wins" the auction and is subject to the purchase of the item(s). Auction uses Proxy Bidding,  (see definition below).

Fixed Price Item- All Fixed Price items are Buy Now.

Classified Ad- To purchase an item listed in a classified ad you begin by contacting the Seller with your offer. There are no bidding or buy now features.

Proxy Bidding- An automatic method of bidding that increases your bid to the next lowest price when another user bids on the same item.  WildLife Buyer, LLC. will bid incrementally for you up to your maximum bid. Your maximum bid is kept a secret from other users. Your bid is a contract between you and the listing creator. If you have the highest bid you will enter into a legally binding purchase contract. *If two bidders place the same proxy bid on the same item, the bidder who placed the proxy bid first is whose bid will be accepted by the system when the auction closes. Dutch auctions do not use Proxy Bidding.   


Help: Menu
Help: My Account

****To find information about your Wildlife Buyer account you can choose from the My Account tab (located to the far right of the Menu Bar).***

  • My Account Home
    • Listings
    • Drafts - Build auctions here for use in the future
    • Active - This shows all your auctions that are currently on the site
    • Scheduled - Auctions to be scheduled in the future
    • Successful - This shows your auctions that have ended with a buyer. You can also invoice and email the buyer by clicking on the top menu...Newest Sales. Click the tool on the side of the listing, Click Create. Click Invoice Email.
    • Unsuccessful - This page will show all your listings you posted that did not sell
    • Ended - This page shows all auctions that were once active and have now ended.
    • Invoices - This page shows all auctions that have been invoiced.
    • Sales Report - You can search for a particular listing/ Invoice on this page
  • Bidding
    • Watching - Items you are watching. On each listing you may click options, click watch item
    • Active - Items that are up for auction that you have bid on
    • Won - All items you have won
    • Not Won - Items you did not win
    • Invoices -  All invoices that have been created for successful auctions you won
    • Email Notifications - You can select any category that you want to know about. (EX: Sable posted on site. Choose the Exotic/Deer Category. An email will be sent to you to let you know.)
  • Site Fees
    • Current - Any site fees that are currently due
    • Past - Any site fees that are past due
  • Account
    • Details - User profile Information shows all your information when you registered
    • Addresses - User address
    • Credit Cards - Users credit card information for verification purposes only. ***CREDIT CARDS ARE NOT AN ACCEPTABLE METHOD OF PAYMENT.
    • Password - User can reset their password on this screen
  •  Listing Preferences
    • Payment - WILDLIFE BUYER, LLC CREATES ALL INVOICES AND COLLECTS ALL PAYMENTS FROM BUYERS ON BEHALF OF SELLERS.  Text the front of your completed check image made to Wildlife Buyer for digital deposit to 830-278-0123 or ZELLE this number. Call the WLB OFFICE 830-232-6003 for other payment options. *INVOICES OVER $10K REQUIRE WIRE. Seller’s contact info will show on top left corner of your PAID STATUS INVOICE only after payment is applied. Contact seller ASAP to arrange pickup or delivery. *REMINDER: Payment is due immediately upon auction closing. After 24 hours feed charge will incur for each animal won and stall charges thereafter, unless other arrangements have been made. 
Help: Menu
Help: Registration

Whether you are a Buyer or Seller, the process of creating an account cannot be easier. All you need to do is fill out a simple two-step form and verify your account.


STEP 1 - User Information

STEP 2 - Billing Information

VERIFY your Account.

If any required fields are left incomplete or the username is already in use, you will be notified when submitting the registration information. This will require you to go back and adjust your information.

User Information is the personal data you must supply to register for an account.

Begin by selecting a unique username for your account. This is not only for gaining access to the website, but it is how you will be recognized by other Buyers and Sellers. All alphanumeric and most punctuation characters are allowed. ****DO NOT USE YOUR NAME OR COMPANY NAME****

Enter a valid email address. Just like your username, your email address will be unique to your account. This email address will be used to verify your account. Continue entering your information.

The following fields are required:

  • Email Address
  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Delivery Address
  • Cell and Home Phone Number
  • Credit Card (used to verify a user at registration/ NOT accepted as form of payment)
  • Agreement to the TERMS & CONDITIONS of the auction site
The following fields are optional:
  • Work Phone Number
  • Ranch Contact for Deliveries
  • Make Seller Check payable to
  • Timber Registration #
  • Premise ID #

Now select a strong password to use when you log into your account. Your password will be case-sensitive, and the best passwords contain numbers, uppercase, and lowercase letters.

Confirm your password- By entering your password twice, you confirm that you have typed it correctly.

When your User Information is complete, click "Continue" to proceed to Billing Information.

Billing Information fields are automatically filled using the address information you provided for your User Information. If your Billing Address is different from your Home or Company Address, please adjust the information accordingly.

The following fields are required:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • City
  • State (or Region)
  • Zip or Postal Code
  • Country

The following fields are optional:

  • Company
  • Fax Phone Number

You may be prompted for credit card information to verify you are a legitimate user. Credit card information is not stored on Wildlife Buyer; furthermore, credit cards are not accepted as a form of payment by Wildlife Buyer, LLC. See Payment for payment options. The following fields are required for Credit Card:

  • Card Number (16 digits)
  • Card Expiration Date (MM/YYYY format)
  • Card Type
  • Security Code / CVV2 Number
    • VISA, MasterCard- The last 3 digits AFTER the credit card number printed in the signature area of the back of the card.  

When the form is complete, click "Register."

The last step is Account Verification.

To finalize your registration, you will need to speak with a WLB office representative directly to complete your registration at 830-232-6003.

Once final approval has been made by the office staff upon speaking with you, simply enter your email address and your password to verify and log into your new account.


Help: Menu
Help: Selling

There are several visual effects and listing options available. These are optional and may require a fee.

  1. HomePage Featured - These listings will be randomly selected to be displayed on our main page.
  2. Highlight Listing - The listing will have a highlighted background to attract attention.
  3. Bold Listing - The listing title will be displayed in a bold font.
  4. "Sale" - Banner to grab buyers attention.
To list items for sale, you must first enter the item information.

The following fields are required:

  • Category - This is the category and/or sub-category where your listing will be located.
  • Title - The title of your listing.
  • Quantity-The quantity of goods to be sold or traded.
  • Item Location - The location of the items will be shipped from (USUALLY ADDED TO SUBTITLE LINE).
  • Detailed Description - Any information about the item(s) for sale or trade.
  • Selling Method - Traditional Auction, Fixed Price Listing, Classified Ad,
  • Number of Days to Run - The listing duration. If this option is not present, the Seller must enter the Start and/or End dates for the listing. (See below)
  • Starting Price - The lowest acceptable price for your listing (unless you specify a Reserve), or the cost of goods for a Fixed Price listing.

Depending on the site configuration, the following fields may also be required:

  • Preferred Currency - For international sales, the price of your item will be displayed in this currency.
  • Payment Required Up-Front - Payment in full is required before your item will be listed, this includes the accrued balance of final value fees, auto-relist fees, and the current item posting fee.
  • End Date - This option becomes available if the Seller is allowed to specify the exact start and end date of the listing.

The following fields are optional:

  • Home Page Featured
  • Category Featured
  • Gallery Listing
  • Highlight Listing
  • Bold Listing
  • Shipping Cost - The additional charge for shipping and handling the item(s).
  • Who Will Pay Shipping? - Indicate if the Buyer or Seller will pay for the cost of shipping the item(s).
  • Upload Base Image - This is the main image for your listing. This image is used if the "Gallery Listing" feature is selected.

Depending on the site configuration, the following fields may also be optional:

  • Start Date - The Seller is allowed to specify the exact start date of the listing.
  • Free Extra Images - Additional images that can be added to the listing without extra fees.
  • Premium Extra Images - Additional images that can be added to the listing for a fee.

The following options are optional and only available for Traditional Auctions:

  • Buy It Now
  • Reserve Price

Some item categories may require additional information. For example, a category called "Textbooks" may require the seller to include the ISBN or edition.

Adding Images - You can add images when you list an item. You can also edit a listing to include additional images.

Images must be in .jpg or .gif format.

  • .jpg - File format that reduces file size without reducing image quality.
  • .gif - Common file format used specifically for web graphics.

To upload an image (from the 'Sell an Item' form):

  1. Click "Browse"
  2. Locate the image file on your computer
  3. Select the file name
  4. Click "Open"

To change an image (from the 'Sell an Item' form):

  1. Check the box marked "Delete"
  2. Click "Browse"
  3. Locate the image file on your computer
  4. Select the file name
  5. Click "Open"
The images that you choose for your listing can be interchanged. If you do not like the original image order, you can rearrange them by changing their sequence number.

Edit a Listing - Complete listing information can be edited IF:
  • Auction - The item has received 0 (zero) bids
  • Fixed Price Listing - 0 (zero) items have been sold
  • The listing is a Classified Ad

If a listing has received bids or one of multiple items has sold, the following changes can be made:

  • The Seller can append a note to the item description
  • Listing Options can be added

To Edit a listing:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Access your My Account/My Listings menu
  3. Select the tool to the right of the listing, Click View Listing
  4. Select Options, Select Edit
  5. Make changes to available fields
  6. Click the button "Save"

*For additional assistance with editing a listing, call the office at 830-232-6003.

To Cancel a Listing:

*For assistance with canceling a listing, call the office at 830-232-6003.

To End a Listing Early: (immediately):

*For assistance with ending a listing early, call the office at 830-232-6003.

To Delete a listing: (immediately):

*For assistance with deleting a listing, call the office at 830-232-6003.

Helpful Hints when selling your item

  • Start your starting bid price low to get bidders bidding           
  • Make sure you have several clear pictures of the item shown in good lighting.          
  • Include any features or details that make your item special within the listing description. 
  • Be clear about item location. The SUBTITLE LINE is a great place to indicate the item's location.
  • Include special pick-up requirements. Ex. Item must be picked up within 48 hours or feed/stall charges will be added.